Dated devices, accumulators, used batteries

User information for collecting and recycling of dated devices, accumulators and used batteries.

Information about recycling for users in Germany:

These icons (A, B, C) on the products, packaging and/or accompanying documents mean that used electric and electronic products and batteries should not be thrown into the general househould garbage.

Please bring these old products and batteries for treatment, reprocessing or recycling according to your federal law and the guidelines 2002/96/EG and 2006/66/EG to your responsible assembly points.

By recycling these products and batteries duly, you help to protect valuable resources and to avoid potential negative effects on the human health and environment which could emerge otherwise by an improperly waste management.

If you wish more detailed information about collecting and recycling old products and batteries, please apply to your local authority, your garbage collection services or to the sales facility where you bought the items.

According to the national regulations, fines could be imposed by invalid recycling of this waste.

Information about recycling for users in the European Union:

If you want to recycle electric or electronic devices, please apply for more detailed information to your dealers or suppliers.

Information about recycling in countries out of the European Union:

These icons (A, B, C) apply only in the space of the European Union. If you want to recycle those items, please ask the local authorities or your dealer which properly disposal method it is.

General advice to the battery symbol:

This icon (B) can be used in combination with a chemical icon (C). 
In this case it fulfills the requirements of this guideline which has been remitted for the regarding chemical.